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In case of emergency, dial University Police at 601-266-4986 or call 9-1-1

Report Your Concern

Submit a Complaint File an Appeal
Share your concerns about the wellbeing of a student, faculty member, or staff person Request a Service


For any other questions, email complianceFREEMississippi or call 601.266.4469.


Learn About the Campus Action Referral and Evaluation System (CARES)


CARES include a team of campus professionals who quickly connect students to resources that address student concerns related to both academics and health.


CARES addresses situations that disrupt the safe and productive living and learning community, including, but not limited to, self-harm, family difficulties, stress management, mental health concerns, addictions, Code of Conduct violations, Title IX issues, Clery Act related issues and/or issues of academic integrity (e.g. plagiarism).


For a list of policies and laws related to the types of issues that CARES helps address, please review the Policies and Procedures page.

Submit a Complaint

Making a complaint allows you to bring something you're aware of that you don't think is right to the attention of the right people. This may be anything from parking issues to faculty conduct to building maintenance.

When you fill out a complaint form, it will be forwarded to whichever office on campus is responsible for oversight. You may or may not receive a written response, but your complaint will be considered.

View Student Complaint Policy


File an Appeal

An appeal is a formal request asking for a change in a decision that has been made. Appeals occur after an action has been taken against a person that the person believes is unfair or a violation of their rights

Appeal processes vary, and are governed by different rules and requirements.

Below is a list of appeal processes at Southern Miss with links to instructions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow the outlined procedures. If you need help filing an appeal, contact the Dean of Student's Office for someone to help walk you through the process. 

Share a Concern 

File a CARES Report

If you have a concern about a current USM student (undergraduate or graduate) or yourself and feel the individual may need some help, you can file a CARES report. When you file a report, someone from your professional CARES team will reach out to the person to make sure they are okay and, if necessary, help connect them with resources.

Please note submissions are monitored Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., when the University is open. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or University Police at 601-266-4986.

If you have a concern about a current faculty or staff member, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Southern Miss is known for being a caring and friendly campus. If you see someone who needs help, let us know!

The CARES team addresses issues including (but not limited to):

  • self-harm
  • family difficulties
  • stress management
  • mental health
  • addictions

Report a Cares Concern


Report an Academic Concern

Submit a report for a current Southern Miss undergraduate showing signs of academic distress, including excessive absences, multiple missed assignments, or the need for skill development. A member of the Academic Concerns Reporting Team will contact the student within 24 hours.

Report an Academic Concern


Report an Academic Integrity Violation

Please use the link below to report potential academic integrity cases that violate the University’s Academic Integrity Policy. The University will use these reports to identify areas in which additional student education is needed as well as to track repeat offenders across units and schools. Questions? Contact the Academic Integrity Officer or Coordinator at 601-266-5995 or 601-266-4199 or email integrityFREEMississippi.%C2%A0

Report an Academic Integrity Violation


Report an Ethics Concern

You can discreetly and confidentially report activities that may involve criminal or unethical actions using Ethics•Point, our secure external site for anonymously reporting a range of ethical violations and misconduct.

Ethical violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Title IX issues
  • Clery Act-related issues

Report an Ethics Concern

Request a Service

Request for Academic Notification

Students are responsible for attending class and acknowledging absences to their professor pursuant to the terms of the class attendance policy set forth in the syllabus.  If a professor requests that you have absences authenticated, contact Student Outreach and Support for assistance by filling out the Request for Academic Notification. 

Request Academic Notification


Request Pregnancy/Childbirth Accommodations

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education and in programs and activities that receive federal funding including:

  • pregnancy
  • false pregnancy
  • termination of pregnancy
  • recovery from above listed medical conditions

A pregnant or parenting student has the right to stay in school so they can meet their educational goals. For more information about the types of accommodations available, please contact the Office for Disability Accommodations.

For more information about pregnancy-related accommodations, please read the Pregnant and Parenting Student Rights section of the Title IX resources page.

Request pregnancy related accommodations

Other Complaint Processes

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